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Wai Kru Ceremony 2013งานไหว้ครูประจำปี 2556

Kru Praeng at the Siamyuth Center “Baan Kru Praeng” has taught the traditional Thai martial arts of Muay Chaiya and krabi krabong for almost thirty years.  The Center has recently relocated its primary training facility to Tonsoong Avenue near the Town in Town Ramkamhaeng hotel.

On Sunday, 21 April, the Siamyuth Center “Baan Kru Praeng” community gathered at the new practice facility for their annual wai kru day.  An important tradition in many Thai arts, wai kru day is an opportunity for students, families, and friends of the Center to gather, pay respect to masters and teachers past and present, and celebrate the art.  Each year, students and friends come from far and near to join in the activities of the day and catch up with old friends.

This year’s wai kru day began early with a merit making ceremony to inaugurate the new training facility.  The wai kru ceremony began as usual at 9:00am.  The ceremony is followed immediately by the ram tawai meu, or the performance of the traditional dance forms for each weapons system.  After the dances this year, Kru Praeng awarded new belts to those students who had passed tests two weeks before to advance levels in their Muay Chaiya training.  Tests are held regularly for students actively training at the Center.

With many students newly belted, it was time for the customary demonstrations.  These usually begin with the more advanced and older students, and gradually work their way down the line to anyone in attendance who wants to do a demonstration or demonstration sparring match for the masters and teachers.  They can include individual demonstrations and friendly sparring matches of Muay Chaiya and various krabi krabong forms, minimally including single swords, double swords, short knife, and sometimes the walking stick.

This year, Baak Kru Praeng also had the honor of again hosting Ajahn Parinya Sanyadech from Baan Kun Suk to share his expertise about traditional Thai weapons.

The atmosphere on wai kru day is much like a large family gathering.  There is always good food to be shared and old and new friends to chat with.  And if you are a student of the martial art, there is also always the possibility of being called out for some friendly sparring.

This year, the late afternoon was set aside for an internal Muay Chaiya tournament.  Several weight classes were set and individuals put their names in to fight.  Pairs of names were then randomly selected and each pair, wearing shin guards and gloves, fought a match of three rounds of two minutes each with one minute rest in between each round until there was a champion for each weight class.

There is no official end to wai kru day activities.  The day gradually slips into evening and fades away.  It will be rehashed and relived as pictures and videos are shared over the coming weeks.  Compliments will be paid to those who performed well, plans will be made for next year’s event, and everyone will look forward to it.

วันที่ 21 เมษายน 2556 ศูนย์ศึกษาสยามยุทธ์บ้านครูแปรง ได้จัดงานไหว้ครู มวยไทยไชยา และ อาวุธไทย ประจำปี 2556 ขึ้นที่ ศูนย์ศึกษาสยามยุทธ์บ้านครูแปรง สาขา ต้นซุง แอฟเวนิว โดยปีนี้ได้เชิญ อาจารย์ ปริญญา สัญญะเดช มาร่วมให้ความรู้เกี่ยวกับศาสตราวุธไทย ให้กับลูกศิษย์บ้านครูแปรงได้รับฟัง และ มีการมอบสายและใบประกาศ ให้กับผู้ที่สอบผ่านการเลื่อนระดับ ของ มวยไทยไชยา

โดย ครูแปรง ได้ประกาศ เกี่ยวกับการจัดตั้ง สมาคมมวยไทยไชยา และ การตั้งคณะกรรมการให้ได้รับทราบ ช่วงบ่ายก็มีการแข่งขันภายใน โดยมีการลงแข่งทั้งจาก เชียงใหม่ ลพบุรี ภูเก็ต และ กรุงเทพ

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