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Long before Kru Preang formed the Muay Chaiya Foundation, Kru Preang has training, teaching, and refining the art of Muay Chaiya and other fighting arts to the general public. It could be stated that those who learned Muay Chaiya and the other fighting arts from Kru Preang were not solely Thai. There were a number of foreign students among the Thai student body, and Kru Preang taught them all regardless of their ethnicity.

  • Why aren’t there many foreigners learning with Kru Preang? And why don’t he teach the art in an openly?

First, it must be understood that the Muay Chaiya Foundation does not impose any restrictions on students from learning based on their ethnicity. Instead, the Foundation is intent on preventing their martial traditions and technique from being learned by individuals of negative character. This ancient art that Kru Preang has devoted his life to studying is rooted the tradition of carefully selecting students based not only on physical ability, but moral character as well. Beyond ensuring the passing of these traditions to qualified individuals, the Foundation screens its candidates to keep itself free of negative representation as well.

  • Can those who studied other fighting arts also study?

Of course. All students of all disciplines are welcome to learn the art of Muay Chaiya. However, it must be understood that Muay Chaiya, like any other martial art, is its own art with its own nuances, philosophies, and ideals that are not to be mixed with other arts. In learning Muay Chaiya, one should respectfully set aside their previously learned disciplines to better learn and understand the discipline at hand (this concept is found throughout numerous other martial arts as well). The reason behind this is to ensure a complete understanding of Muay Chaiya and all its principles, not just its combative form

  • Will foreigners be able to learn on the same basis as a Thai?

No, but that does not mean it will not be without its challenges due to the fact. Of these challenges, the greatest may be that Muay Chaiya is of Thai origin, and is thusly immersed in Thai traditions. This may present an obstacle for a foreign student to understand in that some aspects of the Thai lifestyle and outlook differ greatly from other societies. Beyond the cultural challenge, there is also the language barrier to overcome. Though martial arts have a physical component, the deeper understanding that comes through explanation and discussion may be complicated by the possible inability to clearly convey one’s thoughts/questions/etc. These obstacles, coupled with time constraints, stack the challenges high, but that does not mean they are impossible to overcome. Though there have been few foreigners to train with Kru Preang, there are a precious few who have met each challenge and reaped the rewards.

  • If a foreigner is interested in learning the fighting arts from Kru Preang, what should the person do?

Individuals interested in training in Muay Chaiya with Kru Preang may contact the Foundation directly or through the website. Currently, we have started an intensive training course for foreigners (find details about the course the make it different from the regular course). Though any and all are free to apply, we are limiting the number of participants as we have limited space and trainers. Applicants may submit their name and application and it will be reviewed in the application process.

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